Interfaith Chapel

JUNE 2011

Rudolf Otto, in his book “The Idea of Holy”, explains that the word “holy” acquired the meaning of absolute goodness or perfectly moral will in the modern culture. However, when the word “Sacred” is traced back to its equivalent in ancient Greek, Latin, and Hebrew (sanctus, sacer, qadosh), there was a surplus meaning: an ineffable quality. 

The program of this project, an Interfaith chapel, comes inherent with an inexperienced ritual- or rather a ritual which is not established, but a ritual which is rather inspired by the space. This design investigates the archetypal form of Mandala found repeatedly in nature and ancient cultures to explore the spatial manifestation of ineffability. 

Three distinct moments were constructed around Mandala using haptic approaches, with the terms “percept” and “affect” described by Deleuze as design tools. 

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